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The #1 company in waterjet propulsion systems. With products specialized for heavy duty design and high performance. Our applications in the fields of Commercial, Navy, Coast Guard and Yacht have satisfied customers all over the world. Through a strong product development MJP has established a strong market position. And we are still growing. © MJP Water Jets
MJP Waterjets is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 by DNV.

Twin Disc

For the ultimate in speed, maneuverability, efficiency and dependability, nothing matches Twin Disc Arneson Surface Drives. Their surface-piercing propeller design reduces underwater drag by 50% compared to conventional submerged propeller drive systems. The only surfaces to contact the water are the propeller blades and a protective skeg. This results in higher overall speed, quicker acceleration and a better payload-to-power ratio. And 50% less drag significantly improves fuel economy while lowering operating costs. © Twin Disc


Rolla’s main product is its uncontested leadership in marine technology.
The technology is an integral part of the product, and neither could exist without the other.
Rolla services could best be described as the performance at time of sea trials which is the result of working with the shipyard through the whole propulsion process which in an ideal situation would also include the CFD analysis of the hull.
For each specific application the propeller has a dedicated design and a dedicated pattern. All the design codes are proprietary and have been developed in houe. The propellers can be designed to meet any Classification Register rules such as Lloyd’s Register, ABS, RINa, etc.
All Rolla propellers are dynamically balanced and geometrically comply with the “S” Class of ISO 484/2 standards. A full CMM (Computerized Measurement Machine) measurement report fo Register purposes can be supplied for each propeller set.


The Chomarat Group is an international textile group with a staff of 1,500 and a presence on 4 continents. It is a private company, owned by the Chomarat family. It has been run for over a century by 4 succeeding generations, each rising to the challenge of continual development in a ever changing world.

The group now has an extensive range of technologies and know-how. A wide variety of activities, which is rare for textile companies, enables it to be present in many markets and to offer greater added value to its customers.

An international presence:

To support the international development of its customers, the Chomarat Group relies on a local presence, with production sites close to the customer, and an extensive sales force and distribution network.