• Founded in 1993, the company had one single goal to achieve, build a super sports car with a unique design, ahead-of-time dynamics and almost flawless engineering. Dr. Ekber Onuk and his son, Kaan Onuk were the only people working on the project at the time. They had to recruit automobile specialists, teammate of Ekber Onuk from the Anadol STC16 team renowned for the leading innovative sports car crew back in early 1970s, Eralp Noyan and Erol Batur, factory manager at Otosan were the indispensable for the project. After the ongoing years, Gökhan Akış, the magnificent designer was hired as the designer of Sazan. After the unbearable loss of Kaan, his very own project stepped into a more substantial phase.
    Sazan and S56 are two completely different purpose built cars. The S56 is designed to fill the low budget, low weight, high performance gap in the industry, remaining to stay as unassuming as possible, whereas Sazan shares only one specialty with the S56, keeping the weight as low as possible. Onuk Sazan LM, pacing to 100 km/h from standing still, in under 4 seconds and doesn’t stop accelerating until 300 km/h is reached, is the ultimate drivers car with low weight and great handling while the S56 offers you almost the same driving pleasure, scaled down.
    The company is following the rules and bending them under earthly conditions.