In 1986, when we founded our shipyard to design and build fast boats in advanced composites, our dream was to become a world leader in our field. The indications were not favorable that such an ambitious undertaking would succeed. But the few hand-made boats that we created with such pride and pleasure left us free to build boats just the way we wanted them. Today, we are happy to see that we have customers who share our ideals.

Today, Yonca-Onuk is an industrial-scale enterprise with a modern shipyard capable of serial production of state-of-the-art pleasure, commercial and naval craft. We are proud that, with a highly specialized dedicated workforce capable of creating our own concepts, developing our own technology and building to perfection, Yonca-Onuk is now a technology leader, a standard setter, just as we dreamed in 1986.

Our struggle continues in research and development of new technologies, in order to hold the leading position won by imaginative application of our skills and technical resources. This will ensure that, now and in the future, we will continue to fulfill our customer’s requirements and keep our commitments.

Environmental Policy

Engaged in the composite ship building industry, our shipyard aims at determining, defining the environmental impacts of its activities and products and constantly developing environmental performance related with environmental impacts by establishing programmes for these impacts.

To achieve these objects,

  • By recognizing applicable legislation and other regulations as a minimum standard and setting the prevention of pollution in every operations as a basic requirement, to meet the requirements of the environmental legislations related with entire activities,
  • To keep the environmental impacts under control, due to the activities of our company and subcontractors and not to allow negative impacts on the environment,
  • To reduce the amounts of wastes, to prevent the pollutions at its very origin,
  • To protect environment and disseminate this principle across our community,
  • To identify the risks for environmentally emergent cases and being alert for emergencies,
  • By giving awareness trainings on environment to employees and subcontractors and maintain their continuous development.
  • To protect natural resources such as energy, water that we are using and to prevent their wastage, to maintain efficient use of all materials that we are using.
  • Committed and implemented by us, this policy is available to the access of all our employees as well as subcontractors, public and third parties.
Safety Policy

Yonca Technic is engaged in the composite ship building sector. At every stage of military and civil boats production process, we recognize work health and safety as a fundamental value.

Being aware of this responsibility,

Yonca Technic maintains labour health and safety actively in the company and work environment by considering necessary regulations, legal legislations and company by laws.

Protection of psychological and physical health of employees is seen as a requirement of work productivity.

To achieve these objects,

  • To comply with national and international laws, legislation and conventions,
  • To ensure that necessary information, space, training and guidance has been provided so as to maintain work safety and not to jeopardize workers’ health while performing their jobs in the company site,
  • By identifying accidents and possible risky points that may cause accidents, to prevent them,