To Protect the Peace and the People

The use of fast platforms with superior sea keeping and maneuvering characteristics is nowadays the vital requirement in the defense and law enforcement duties in brown waters. Mastery of the brown waters and the littoral should not be presumed. It does not derive directly from command of the high seas. It is an objective, which requires our focused skills and resources.

The MRTP Concept

The “Multi Role Tactical Platform” concept was created, as a family of highly capable fast platforms for tomorrow’s defense and law enforcement duties. Advanced composites and technologies are used extensively to :

  • Range
  • Mission Payload
  • Speed
  • Shallow Water Capabilities
  • Reliability/Availability
  • Maintainability
  • Modularity/Reconfigurability
  • Multi-Mission Capabilities
  • Cost
  • Boat Size
  • Crew Size
  • Signatures