Designed for the utmost superiority in brown waters, the advanced composite ONUK MRTP24 FAC, built on the KO-04 hull tank tested to 85 knots, is the fourth generation of the ONUK MRTP series. Targeting to exceed the increasingly tough requirements of the naval and law enforcement forces to control the littoral and coastal waters, the ONUK MRTP24 FAC carries a crouching firepower and combines speed, sea keeping, and load carrying capability with a well proven robust structure designed for an extreme professional use.

With its very high speed, superior sea keeping, extended range, sophisticated and extensive weapon systems, the ONUK MRTP24 FAC is also an efficient and economical solution for anti-piracy operations. This is the reason why we called it “Kangal” class, after the name of world famous dog “Anatolian Shepherd” and can be used escorting and protecting the commercial vessels.

With the standard engines and Arneson Surface Drives, the ONUK MRTP24 FAC can have a top speed of 60 knots at sea state 1-2 and 50 knots at sea state 3, all in perfect stability with strong emphasis on crew comfort. The vessels are built as per the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) High Speed Light Craft and Naval Surface Craft Rules for Classification.

As all ONUK MRTP platforms, the advanced machinery systems and arrangement result in a vessel with greatly enhanced operability, maintainability and accommodation standards.


Fast Attack Craft with short range missile Carrying capability

Anti-piracy in coastal and international waters

Anti-terrorist protection of the coastal and Offshore installations

Patrol / Escort craft

Search and Rescue



Pollution control

Seal insertion / extraction

Lift support (Hardware/Swimmers)

Support ordnance – Disposal – Diver assets

General Data

Speed and sea keeping:

ONUK MRTP24U FAC is able to perform rapid reaction comparable to a helicopter and can be used in confined spots or heavy weathers not suitable for helicopter operations. The foreseen developments for the next five years concerning the engine and drive system technologies have been taken into consideration in the design of ONUK MRTP24. In order to enhance the Multi Mission Capabilities (SAR, Environment protection, Patrol, Attack etc.),  increased mission payload and accommodation space/facilities have been provided.


The vessel is designed and built to Det Norske Veritas (DNV) HSLC Classification Rules. All the boats of the series are delivered with the relevant DNV Class Certificates. The ONUK MRTP24 is built in advanced composites to satisfy the very tough requirements of an intensive professional use together with a long service life. The benefits of the advanced composite structure are:

Weight reduction

* Improved Performance

* Increased Payload

* Fuel Savings

Corrosion resistance

* Longer service life

* Maintenance savings


* Threat avoidance / detection

* Ballistic protection

Reduced signatures

* Machinery vibration / acoustic

* Magnetic signature

* Heat signature

The hull and superstructure are constructed and outfitted in accordance with the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) High Speed Light Craft and Naval surface craft rules. A large shock resistant fender system will enable the ONUK MRTP24 to board safely larger vessels in rough waters.

Machinery and propulsion

The mechanical components are selected with the intensive professional use in mind. They offer a high level of reliability, despite the extreme performance requirements. In the standard configuration the ONUK MRTP24U FAC is

equipped with “Arneson Surface
Drives” (ASD) system and Rolla propellers. Accepted to be the key of the superior performance of all ONUK MRTP very high speed platforms, this drive system, besides its unmatched efficiency, proved to be extremely robust in very tough conditions typical of an intense professional use. The hydraulic steering system controls the vectored thrust to provide fast, precise and very efficient manoeuvring. As an option the ONUK MRTP24 FAC, can be equipped with the all stainless steel state-of-the-art MJP Waterjet system similar to the ONUK MRTP24/U Special Operation Craft of the Turkish Navy, to add an outstanding manoeuvrability.

Stability: Intact-Damaged:

Commercial and Turkish / NATO naval standards have been applied to the ONUK MRTP24 for the intact and damaged stability. ONUK MRTP24 meets the Turkish Navy and NATO criteria for damaged stability and will remain afloat and upright with flooding in any single main compartment.


ONUKMRTP24 can be equipped with various mission modules depending on the customer requirements. Despite the size of the platform, these modules have been integrated with the modularity and re-configurability objectives in mind. Thus, the platform can be reconfigured with different mission modules, increasing dramatically the operational flexibility and reducing the costs. The following weapon and surveillance systems could be installed on ONUK MRTP24

• ASELSAN STOP 25/30mm stabilized turret at foredeck,

• ASELSAN STAMP 12.7 mm stabilized turret at aft superstructure.

• Short range missiles (SSM): Roketsan UMTAS or Thales LMM

• Surface to Air Missiles: Stinger or Igla.

• Night vision FLIR system

Fast Attack Craft with short range missile Carrying capability

Anti-piracy in coastal and international waters

Anti-terrorist protection of the coastal and Offshore installations

Patrol / Escort craft

Search and Rescue



Pollution control

Seal insertion / extraction

Lift support (Hardware/Swimmers)

Support ordnance – Disposal – Diver assets

Technical Specifications
LOA (Inc Platform) 26.30 m
Beam, max. 5.53 m
Draught 1.40 m
Operational Characteristics
Maximum speed Up to65 knots (depending on engine configuration)
Propulsion Diesels, (2×1630 kW – 2×2250 kW)
Drive system Twin Disc ASD16 Arneson Surface Drives + Rolla propellers or MJP Waterjets
Range (Economical speed) 500+ nautical miles
Amament ASELSAN STOP 25/30mm forward gun + ASELSAN STAMP 12.7mm aft gun + Short Range SSM, SAM
Fuel capacity 8.50 m³
Fresh water 1.0 m³
Endurance 2 days
Crew up to 6
Mission crew up to 10
Structure Advanced composite (DNV 1A1 HSLC Patrol R3)