ONUK MRTP45 designed for network-centric warfare with high fire power and medium-range missile carrying capability for the superiority in brown water as well as the open seas.


•Fast Patrol/Escort/Rescue craft

•Search and Rescue

•Anti smuggling

•Pollution Control

•Anti terrorist protection of the coastal and offshore installations



ONUK MRTP45® Fast Attack / Missile Craft has been developed relying heavily on the experience of the design, construction and intense use of the ONUK MRTP33® and taking into consideration the needs of navies of the world seeking a cost effective state-of-the-art Fast Attack / Missile Craft

ONUK MRTP45® has increased payload and enhanced sea keeping for better mission flexibility to satisfy and exceed the technical and tactical requirements of various customers around the world.

General Data


Speed and sea keeping:

ONUK MRTP45® has a Deep-V hull designed for very high speed and superior sea keeping to achieve critical missions with the minimum of crew fatigue and capability to use weapons and systems in rough waters.

ONUK MRTP45 has been developed for a tough professional use with excellent performance qualities at both low and high speeds with strong emphasis on sea keeping. ONUK Deep V Hull, depending on engine selection and boat configuration, will enable the boat to reach speeds over 50 knots in calm waters. The ONUK MRTP45 has a soft and dry ride in adverse weather conditions, offering, thus, an outstanding platform capable of carrying state-of-the-art weapons and systems for the various tasks in the brown waters as well as the open sea.

The MJP water jet drive system, besides it’s extremely robust all stainless steel construction and very high efficiency, provides extreme manoeuvrability with high precision control and a very shallow draught, enhancing the operation in confined waters or intercepting/boarding larger ships in rough seas.


ONUK MRTP45 is built in advanced composites to satisfy the very tough requirements of an intensive professional use together with a long service life. The benefits of the advanced composite structure are:


* Improved Performance

* Increased Payload

* Fuel savings


* Longer service life

* Maintenance savings


* Threat avoidance / detection

* Ballistic protection


* Machinery vibration / acoustic

* Magnetic signature

* Heat signature

The hull and superstructure are constructed to Det Norske Veritas GL (DNVGL) HSLC classification and Naval Craft rules, and, will have DNV 1A1 HSLC Patrol R1 class notation. All boats of the series are and will be delivered with this class certificate. The helm station and the interiors have been designed in line with “the SAE recommendations for ergonomics to provide the crew with maximum comfort and minimum fatigue in prolonged use in heavy seas”.

Machinery and propulsion

The vessel can be fitted with two alternatıve propulsıon confıguratıons. trıple dıesels (3x4300kW) or dıesel/gas turbıne combınatıon (2x4300kW+1x7621kW) driving through water jets can provıde a maxımum speed envelope rangıng from 44 to 53 knots at half load. Depending on the mission and speed requirements, the ONUK MRTP45 can be equipped with different components for optimum operational efficiency/price ratio. The mechanical components are selected with the intensive professional use in mind. They offer a high level of reliability, despite the extreme performance requirements.

Stability: Intact-Damaged:

Naval standards have been applied to the ONUK MRTP45 for the intact and damaged stability. ONUK MRTP45 meets the Turkish Navy, NATO, BV 1033 and DNVGL criterias for damaged stability and will remain afloat and upright with flooding in two compartment damage stabılıty.

Mission Modules

ONUK MRTP45 can be equipped with various mission modules depending on the customer requirements. Despite

the size of the platform, these modules have been integrated with the modularity and reconfigurability objectives in mind. Thus, the platform can be reconfigured with different mission modules, increasing dramatically the operational flexibility and reducing the costs.

The mission modules would be :

Multi weapon mounts.

Forward gun:

• OtoMelara 76/62 SR or,

• Bofors 57mm or,

• Otomelara FF40 or twin 40mm or,

• Bofors 40mm Mk IV

SSM Missile System

• Harpoon AHWCS or,


• Exocet M40 or,

• Marte MK IIMLS

SAM Missile system

• Aselsan Bora II Stinger System

Technical Specifications